How do you build startup culture?

How do you grow your startup team?

How do you make your team into a team of leaders?

Well How?

Create a win:win startup culture

Yeah OK but How exactly?

  • Grow each individual team member
  • Reduce the effort for people to learn
  • Create a knowledge sharing culture
  • Lead teams to create their own identities
  • Enable team members to create their own brand identities
  • Make sure everyone wins
  • Encourage team member side projects
  • Create an iterative teaching culture
  • Everyone's first and foremost job responsibility is to teach

What's the one thing I can do to help my team right NOW??

Create a knowledge sharing culture -- make it clear to everyone that their first responsibility is to teach others on the team.

^^^^^^^ this is what Startup Team Labs is about. All the articles, downloads, advice and material is free and focused on the challenges of making startup teams awesome.

Who is this for?

Founders, Agile Leaders, ScrumMasters, Team Leaders, Intrapreneurs -- anyone that needs practical methods to build the best startup team possible.

It's also for "TL;DR types" & those with zero time so jump ahead read cheatsheet notes... all downloads/slides are on the Downloads Page

Who's behind this?

Hi everyone, I am!

Hi, my name is Shane Devane

I'm an Agile Leader, Founder & Product Owner currently living in Dublin, Ireland.

I've 20 years career experience. Mostly in software engineering, some in graphic design and most recently in leading startup teams.

I'm really interested in the different ways to grow and improve startup teams. It's a unique challenge that is incredibility specific to the realm of entrepreneurship, startups and tech.

If I can answer your question via an existing blog post I will - otherwise I will spend the time to focus and research on your problem directly.

I love questions about the problems of building culture, which lean & agile processes to initiate first, knowledge sharing, increasing innovation and on-boarding new team members.

Feel free to ask questions about the posts on this site or any team challenges you have

You can expect answers within a few days or even less -- most people email me -- ask away!

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